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​Just as you change your car's oil, you should maintain your clothes dryer and duct system

Schedule your clothes dryer duct / vent cleaning today

o      Reduced risk of fire
o      Better respiratory health- reduces Carbon Monoxide emission
o      Reduce overheating which can damage clothes or the dryer itself
o      Decreased energy consumption
o      Shorter dry time, saving you $ on power bills

o      Increase the life of your dryer


  • Dryer is pulled away from the wall and "Slinky" looking dryer vent duct is removed and cleaned
  • Special tools and a vacuum system are used to clean the ductwork that usually runs about 10-30 feet, starting at the wall behind your dryer, which ultimately vents out at your home’s exterior (either at the roof or exterior wall)

  • Special tools and a vacuum system are used to clean the ductwork that runs from the lint trap inside the dryer to the back of the dryer

  • Lint trap and surrounding area are thoroughly cleaned 

If you haven't had your vent / duct serviced in more than a year, I recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP
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Why Does Your Dryer Vent Need To Be Cleaned?

  • If left un-serviced, the dryer vent (including the duct that runs from the wall behind the dryer to your home's roof or exterior wall) can become a fire hazard. When lint is trapped it prevents the system from exhausting properly, causing it to overheat.​

  • The accumulation of lint and other debris increases energy consumption. Running your dryer through another cycle adds about $0.70 to your energy bill. A clogged venting system can cost the owner an additional $18 and $24 every month on their utility bills.

  • A clogged dryer vent can cause the appliance to run longer, increasing the wear and tear to the system, leading to more frequent repairs.

  • A clogged gas dryer can emit harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, affecting your respiratory health.

  • The appliance may overheat damaging clothes and the machine itself in the process. 

When Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?
A dryer vent needs to be cleaned regularly, at least once a year, to enhance the dryer’s efficiency. Regular dryer vent cleaning helps to remove lint and other dirt and debris that are obstructing the dryer performance

​How Do You Know If Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?
It is time to clean your dryer vent if ANY of the following apply:

  • Drying time for clothes takes longer and longer
  • Your clothing and the outside of the dryer gets very hot
  • You perceive a burning smell
  • It’s been longer than a year since your last inspection


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